Saturday, September 15, 2018

This October, It's Back!

If you remember last year, I went radio silent for the better part of the summer until September, when I announced that I had been working on a series of reviews for each day in October. Well, this year, my disappearing after that Jurassic World review in July meant the same thing. Indeed, I've decided to make this an annual thing and so, since that review, I've been working on finishing another batch of them for the upcoming month. Last year, we went more or less in chronological order through a bunch of movies and ended with a special one on Halloween, while this year... it's basically more of the same. I'm going to try to throw in a couple of different types of reviews that I didn't do last year, as well as end on a film from the 80's rather than the 2000's, but for the most part, it's just going to be in chronological order and, like before, there will be a new review every day in October. I am planning to start doing themes next year but, for now, it'll just be another marathon of randomness. Well, there's really nothing else to say except I hope you all enjoy it and I'll see you October 1st.